Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eid Day 1

How was your Eid? Hope you've enjoyed it? Ours started very early in the morning. Fahad was already up for Eid Prayer. I had to drag myself out of bed because I slept late the evening before and Ahmed crawled in our bed sometime before dawn and was tossing and turning between us. I hardly slept. This year no outfits for the boys. It was beautiful light beige Dishdasha for them, and for Abdulaziz Ghutra & Ogal (the traditional head dress worn in Kuwait). At first Ahmed didn’t want to wear his "Dishasha" I ignored him and concentrated on Abdulaziz, and all the time I was saying "Ya zeenik weldi, Rayal! Rayal! 3asa allah ya7fethek!" I was really sincere in my praise, but I was also relying on "Al'3eera" (jealousy) to kick in with Ahmed, and it did. "Ana baaaad abi Dishasha." He finally said after seeing his brother and father dressed in their traditional clothes. We quickly dressed him before he changed his mind. I snapped some shots and they were out with their father to the Diwaniya. I wanted to go back to sleep, but time was passing by so fast and not worth going back to sleep. So I got ready. By the time Fahad and the boys were back I was dressed, in a Temperly top and a D&G pants, Sergio heels and Clutch. We did our short round, most of my family were traveling. Although my top was of a very light Chiffon, by the time we were done I was so hot and wanted to change my clothes into something less complicated. We went back home. Fahad took a short nap. I went into my dressing room trying to find something more comfortable to wear. I remembered I had a Kate Spade black and white cotton dress, I got few months ago but never wore, with a light weight red cardigan. I changed, and around 1pm we were out of the house again, heading to the Fahad's Grandfather's house where all of his Paternal Aunts, Uncles and cousins gathered for lunch. It was just fun! The food, just so Yummy! After Lunch and yummy desserts and more 3ayadee ;) I sent the kids to my maternal side of the family home. I was just too tired and headed back home. It was a full day! We had a lot of fun meeting with family and relatives. It was a first for Ahmed to go to a Diwaniya, a first for Abdulaziz to wear Ghotra and Ogal.
The Down Side...were my heels. How do girls walk in Six inch heels? Its been a while I haven't worn high heels. It was just too painful and I changed in the extra pair of ballerina flats I brought with me.


  1. waa5ti allah y7afith'hom we5aleehom lich wtshofeenhom ma3aree inshallah:Pp

    well my eid was OK 7mdillah,.. wore balenciaga off white harem shorts knee length with a floral green and pink top guissepe zanotti wedge and a clutch went to grandfathers house mom's side, then dad's side for lunch then back to mom's side changed to my abercombie tracksuit nemt then woke up wore my eid clothes cz ppl came o radaina il bait bs:) day 2 oo 3 stayed at home 9ayma:/

  2. lemon-aid thank you sweetie :** ameen inshallah.
    Mashallah your day was full! that is how Eid suppose to be ;) I'm against those who travel on Eid :)

  3. Mine was full day family visits and lots of gahwat 3eed in between LOL (Saffron one) - I also have to wear everything new on Eid... including my PJs hehehe

  4. Somsom...I saw the pics of all the coffees you had! I liked the saffron one ;) you know...I layed out new PJs for the boys and for me (Fahad was rolling his eyes...ya7ebkom yal 7arem 7ag al5asayer he said ;pp ) now we are following the same tradition ;))