Thursday, September 2, 2010

Girl Talk

Warning! This is pure Girl Talk not that interesting for the guys ;)
Eid is getting close. Did you get your outfit? I didn't. I do have a couple of new outfits which I tried on yesterday, they were a bit tight. I get naturally bloated in Ramadan, as a doctor told me few years ago, it is a natural defense mechanism my body goes into when I'm fasting. Anywy I might still go and see if I can find something else which I'll feel more comfortable wearing, however I can't find a right time to go. Something always comes up whenever I want to go shopping, and I hate going out in the evenings, the crowd just puts me in a bad mood and no way do I shop when I'm in a bad mood. What's your ritual in preparing For Eid. Are you as crazy as I am? God! When it comes to special events, such as weddings, receptions and Eid, it takes me from 1 month to 3 days (at least) to prepare. I know it sounds crazy. Mashallah I know people yetajahzoon 7azat al 7aza w ma 3endhom mushkila…well not I. I need minimum three days, that is, if I already have an outfit and matching accessories to go with it. If not, just forget it. Come on ladies... you know what I mean, You'd rather die then being caught wearing an outfit more than twice for the same people. There are times, such as family weddings and events, when I find about them at the last minute, I just don't go. Few months back a family member got engaged and I've been asking when is the big day just to have an idea on when to prepare? It was at the beginning of my diet and I'm losing a lot of weight at the time, I wasn't ready to throw money on an outfit which will be big on me or something I wasn't convinced with just because I didn't have any idea when the wedding was and needed to have something ready in my closet. Anyway I find out a day before the event and not one but two parties! Which means I need not one but two dresses! Of course I was thrown in a panic because it was a close family member. Yes, a close member and I find out a day before the event. What kind of a wedding gets prepared in one day?(because the lame excuse I got was the grooms mother hasn't set a day for the wedding) Why did they wait until the last minute to tell me? Better use the KD1000 + I'll be throwing on dresses I won't like, on a short trip to Dubai or Bahrain. I did! On that same day I booked my ticket to Dubai and spent the best three days shopping, going to movies and trying new restaurants. I've side tracked from the main topic! Back to the rituals. What do you do? Salons, Nail spas, hair treatment, facials, body treatment and spas, crazy fad diets? For the past two weeks I've been treating my hair, because of hair loss, and the treatment is making my hair look a bit dull. Next week will be facial and a long appointment at the Spa and Hairdresser. Yes… I'm crazy. Women are crazy when it comes to their appearances. At least the ones I know are. How crazy are you?


  1. I absolutely feeel you !
    Since I was a kid mom used to prepare everything in advance even before rm'6an starts so during the holy moth we might worry about little bits and pieces here and there only!
    So now I've managed to get an outfit together minus the minor stuff like sheila and such but I'll get them done in no time!

    And regarding weddings it can be really crazy a true nightmare if I might say !
    But there's no way on earth I might get things ready in less than a week unless it's like a far away relative wedding otherwise I might not attend, call me weird but sumtimes when I go dress shopping if I find two gowns I like why not grab them both and keep one of them for a future occasion but maybe cuz my weight is mostly the same I might gain/ loose abit every now and then but loosing weight can'T be bad..
    Also Before an occasion for two weeks I usually stop eating before 7 pm ;)

    Anyways sorry etha 6walt 3alaij, but hopefully I was slightly useful ;)

  2. I always prepare everything before Rm'6an... the boys are ready, I was ready but that pant is a bit tight ;p.

    Yes... Weddings are a nightmare. Receptions not so bad. You're not as weird as I am ;p believe me, sometimes when I like a top or a pant, I buy two of it ;pp
    La walaw ma 6awaltay 3alay :) I enjoyed reading your comment :)

  3. im the type that can do things last min. oo it looks amazing i like mixing and matching a9lan i look better lama i get ready 3ala allah then when i prepare for an event. kel ma 9ertay sahla tesahelat omoorich.. i got a set of clothes from balenciaga and valentino red bl summer still didn't wear them so ill just choose 1 for eid sahala =P bas now ga3ad adawer hdoom 7afla nothing good bl soug:/ go to thuraya for eid clothes cz hdoo2 so u can shop oo akeed ib tlgain shay...

    salons i go to elche they have special hair treatments i do that regularly mu bas eid oo a7i6 7ena then asawi il organic treatments 3ashan ashid jesmi its really good oo of course mani pedi and trimming thats something i do once a month after my laser appointment

  4. Lemon-aid... when I was younger it was sahal for me too... bas when you have three other people depending on you...its better to be prepared in advance. ;)
    I'm a color girl ;) too much white hair on my head ;p I was telling my mama in law today that I need to color the white hair.
    "What white hair? You're too young for white hair!" She was astonished.
    "From your sons! all three of them!" I exclaimed, "They're driving me crazy!" ;p
    Yeah...I love going to leche too :) inshallah I'm going to post about it soon :)

  5. I still wear new outfit to eid (and new undies too LOL) + new PJs (or sleepwear) the night before... because its Sunna not because I dont want to repeat dresses ;-) Yes... some of my friends are like "Waaaay ya7alailich Ansam... lail7een talbiseen yedeed??" - cuz I remember when we were kids my mom used to place our new PJs + new underwear + new outfit + new jewelry + new socks + new shoes... ya3ni kel shay new X new! My sis passed this exact ritual to her kids and I love it... some old habits must not die ;-) hehehehe

    So yeah I still kinda do that same ritual to date + I trim my hair + do my nails + and have a facial if time permits ;-) - Luckily this year I have a voucher to try a facial and another to try a nail spa in the Avenues so YEEHAAA hehehehe

  6. Ansam that is such a cool ritual. Yes I remember when we were kids we did the same but I don't knonw why we stopped??? New everything! Nice :)

  7. well for white hair la t9bgheena 76ay 7ena bas lazm t3arfeen what 5al6a suits your hair, mom does it the white hair doesn't show... btw i think ur exaggerating shzeenich mafeech shay chenich il ba5at=P

  8. Lemon-aid sij refa3tay ma3nawiyati :*

  9. aham shay did u get a dress! inshallah mu shay qa9abtay roo7ich 3alaih!

    I usually start diet care-ing before a party and thats about spas no salons no facials no hair remedies except for hair removals of course thats the only thing i take care of pre-pre-pre occasion..i do my nails same day as the party so its just stress stress stress on that day..

    how did it all go?

  10. I'm having major events coming after Eid...still don't have any idea when the exact date is, which means I have to have something ready in the closet :s
    Well not too well.. :s I still didn't get me an Eid outfit...maybe I'll be luck today inshallah :)