Monday, September 13, 2010

Eid Day 2 - Lunch & Fun!

It has become an unintentional family tradition, for three years in a row,
to have lunch at Johnny Rockets on the second day of Eid.
Smile! It is soo cheery it always make me feel giddy
as a little kid! As usual! The atmosphere warm and friendly. The staff welcoming and didn't mind my noisy kids!
Best Onion rings in all of Kuwait! Fahad had the Original
I had the Single Rocket.
The boys had the kids meal Burger and Chicken Tenders
The Nanny ordered the Tuna Salad Sandwich
Ahmed loving his burger!
The food was great and we enjoyed ourselves and we were
so relaxed, just as if having lunch at our own home.
Now Mr. Kheir Seifeddine.... I hope you're reading this....
when will you be introducing a low fat or guiltless menu....Please!
After Lunch Fahad went back home
I took the kids to Game Whizz!
Abdulaziz was playing some kind of Zombie game and I
was trying to snap a shot of his terrified expression. I couldn't however
So I told him act scared! And that what he gave me ;p

It was late afternoon when the crowd began to arrive we headed back home!


  1. i really feel so proud that you mentioned my name in your blog that make me feel that i left a small trace in Johnny Rockets faithful customer.
    But i am so sorry to announce that ... i left Johnny Rockets since a month ... hopefully i will be working in another company that i will reveal so soon. Johnny rockets is a good brand but i hope that the owning company will know that and no brand market itself or coca-cola and Pepsi will stop do marketing. In my point of view this Brand is not doing as it suppose to do. well Hope them all the Best...

  2. I am sorry to hear it. Johnny Rockets don't know what a great asset they've lost by letting you leave :) They should have held on to you with their hands, teeth and feet! :)
    Wish you all the best of luck Kheir!

  3. nice blog keep up the good work