Monday, September 13, 2010


I picked up this copy of Instyle on impulse because I knew
it was time for a makeover ;p
See how good Jennifer Hudson looks?
It's going to be almost one year since I started my diet, and I'm nowhere near my goal, or any goals I have set for myself. I did drop around 20Kgs but I've gained back 4kgs from the ones I lost. Now the crazy food fest month is over I have to get back on track. I don't feel too happy or comfortable with myself right now. I have to work out twice as hard, after a month of on and off exercising, sitting in front of the TV, the computer and not moving much. I feel sluggish and lazy. My whole body aches and feels stiff when I move around. And this month, I have a crazy schedule of work, taking care of myself and of course not to forget the boys are back to school!!!!

I want a 3-5 days detox diet...any ideas?

It is time for change. Time for a makeover ;) So my friends, I'm going to disappear from society for a couple of months ('ll still be blogging) and if you happen to bump into me by accident, please don't be alarmed ;p If I look a mess, don't mind me. Alkisha is only temporary, because I'm growing my hair. If you don't want to say "Hi" I'll understand. There will be lots of therapies I'm going to go through, skin, hair and body. Now to jump start my diet I need a good detox diet. My nephew sent me one, but it takes two weeks to detox. I need a three to five days. Any ideas? I also need to pay my nutritionist a visit, but after shedding the 4Kgs I gained ;p

I know I sound like an old broken record ;pp I will not post about my failures in my attempt to lose weight but of the progress I'd be making inshallah ;) Change is good, it boosts ones confidence.


  1. Gaining weight is so easy specially in ramadan, losing it is the tough part. I recently downloaded an iphone app called lose it. It helps you keep track of you daily calories. :)

  2. I know that is what's annoying from all of this. You gain weight with the snap of your finger. Thanks Oleana I'll check the application inshallah :)

  3. hmm im taking private pilate lessons starting this month inshallah 3 times a week egolon efeed wayd! eshid il jesim and shapes it... so i say do that along with ur diet =P detox bss eat fruits and veggies for this week i think its enough

  4. I'm not sure about a detox. But to clean things up I usually go on a protein diet(limit net carbs to about 30) for a week to let go of all the retained water(usually for me that's a good 5lbs).I can't remember exactly but I believe each gram of carb retains about 4grams of water. I feel so light afterwards and it helps me feel like i've jump started my diet.

  5. Lemonaid...I do Yoga at least 3 times a week. I want to start swimming too but I have to adjust my schedule first.

    Sarah...right now I'm following a low carb diet now... Starting my detox of fresh fruits and veggies with lots of herbal teas on Sat. Thanks for stopping by :)