Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Love Geeks!

About the Book:
There's no doubt about it. While they may be stuck inside all day playing video games, or spending their extra money on rare editions of comic books (er, graphic novels)--geeks are chic. And why shouldn't they be? Geeks (along with their close friends, dorks and nerds) run the world, they're loyal as hell, and their extreme passions are fascinating. So how can women make them as passionate for their girlfriends as they are for Star Wars? Self-proclaimed geek and geek-lover Carrie Tucker expertly guides women into nerddom by categorizing and exposing men by their different geeky obsessions. Complete with a glossary for technical jargon, helpful quotes from geek-perts, and illustrations of each nerd niche, Tucker will help women bring a relationship with a geek from "in a galaxy far, far away" into reality.
When I read this book title, an image of Fahad flashed before me of him sitting at his computer crunching numbers! So intent in his work he doesn't notice anything around him. Or when he is so engrossed watching Discover Channel, Animal Planet and Bollywood movies. Or he can recite you scenes from old Kuwaiti and Arab Plays by heart! He doesn't read comics or play video games, but he'll solve a complicated mathematical problem without a calculator, and we have calculators all over the house! You pass your time playing PSP he likes adding numbers with his calculators. He created a pricing formula which most of our wholesale customers use. Most people don't take him seriously (you'll know why if you ever meet him) but once he talks in numbers you'll sit gaping at him! It is my favorite part at meetings when I see the expressions on the people we're meeting with, their open gaping mouth and the realization which dawns on them that they're dealing with a genius!
He used to be a banking customer at the bank I worked at, but I didn't fall in love with him until he said a geeky comment to me ;p Our first date was going to a Star Wars movie!
I picked up the book and went through it quickly, very funny and useful on how to understand your geeky husband, wife, boyfriend and girlfriend better.
So do you have a geeky husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend? What geeky attributes do you like about them?

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