Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let's Talk Beauty

I first read about these supplements on Ansam 518 blog. I passed
by Boots and got them for KD22.
What I liked about them was, I take them before bed.
Unlike HiarVit, which I take during the day and plays havoc
with my appetite!!! and bye bye diet!
After ten days I really noticed the difference. My hair stopped falling
as it used to. My nails, although I had no problem with my nails, are strong
and my skin is more radiant!
Highly Recommended!
So While I picked Purelogicol, I saw this Yogurt face mask.
I usually stick to the brand I use for face creams soaps and masks.
I was out of moisturizing mask and wasn't in the mood to swing by Rawdha co-op
so I picked this one. It was inexpensive. Can't remember the price, but compared
to what I usually pay for my masks, it was cheap.
I tried the mask on my face and didn't want to remove it! I have dry skin and
this mask was so rich compared to what I use. Highly Recommended!
A tip to facial masks? Keep them cool in the fridge ;)

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