Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Diet Update - October

Yeppiiiiiiii! I finally broke through that plateau I've been stuck at for the past few months! Its either I gain a couple of kilos or lose them and get stuck at the same number and it wouldn't budge! First … I changed my nutritionist. I found the one I was with before I had Ahmed and lost a lot of weight on the diets she gave me. The diets are not boring or impossible. I feel full half of the time and on some evenings I skip dinner because I don't feel hungry at all. My descent was slow but at least I broke through this plateau. Second ... those extra 30min walks I have in the evening with Abdulaziz paid off. We go at least three times a week. I already do every morning 30-40 min on the tread mill, 10-15 on the still cycle and every other day a quick light weight body toning. I found a Pilates club not far from where I live. I will check it out and if it is interesting I will join, a friend of mine swears by Pilates. I also have to return back to swimming, it is the #1 body toner! Am I a statuesque super model? Not yet! I still can't believe that I've lost the kilos I was stuck at and I can't believe it, every morning I go step on my scale just to be sure. I really enjoyed the compliments I've received the other evening during a family event. They were a real booster to my self-esteem and I'm encouraged to work harder.


  1. That's good mashallah, keep up the good deeds!
    I lost lots of weight as well but lost half of my hair in the process:/ don't ask me why

  2. Thanks :)
    You tend to lose hair when you're dieting... my hair fell alot when I first started seriously dieting about a year ago. It is a price we all have to pay :s

  3. yeah you loose sum and gain sum, hairvit on my list !

  4. I went to a dermatologist... he gave me hairvit (which caused an allergice reaction to my skin) and a tonic ampules. I stopped the hairvit and started taking Purelogicol which I read about on Ansam's blog. It is good and I'm continuing with the tonic. I see some progress but it needs time ;)