Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winter Where Art Thou?

We are reaching the end of November and still no sign of winter! Is Winter coming? Is it going to grace us with its presence this year? Are we going to feel the cold and chills crawling up our skins and huddle together for warmth and drink hot cocoa? Are we going to take out our winter clothes and furs and get to wear them?
Winter where art thou?


  1. waay shawaqteni 3al hot cocoa , and furrs? umm its farfetched in kuwait , 7alech ilsofar :P

  2. wallah ya Noon... I remember a couple of years I'd pass by Second Cup every morning before work for a cup of hot cocoa... wearing my gorgeous coats and furs... last year we had two days where I was able to wear my furs :s This year... Nothing! still wearing summer clothes :s