Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What do you Think?

What do you think of Ellens costume? What is it?
It's Snookies hair bump! lol!!!


  1. HAHAHA...I love it!! I've never seen Jersey Shore, but am sickly addicted to Jerseylicious...they all have hair like that (reminds me of the 'puff' here!) I went to a salon for a wedding, they gave me the puff, it was HORRIBLE, I told her I don't want it, she said only 'shwoyaa', well my idea of shwoyaa and her idea are so far off, I ended up looking like Snookie (sans tan) ;)

  2. hehehe... I would have loved to see you with the puff ;p Snow...its been a long time we haven't been out....yalla lets do something next week ;) and do the puff ;p