Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Gelato Italiano Good Morning to all of You!

Stop by Gelato Italiano and enjoy
the many flavors we bring to you.
My favorite Gelato Italiano flavor...Biscotti it is custard with
a chocolate crunch into it!
This is for Green Tea lovers...
you can also ask them to make you a Green Tea Shake ;)
Our newest flavor Peanut Butter! Very Yummy and add to it
some chocolate syrup or Oreo garnish ;)


  1. L biscotti yshawweg
    en sha Allah am going to try it soon

  2. alah ysam7kum 3ala hl flavors..I'm pretty SURE theyre delicious just like all the others! abo ligreen tea

  3. The best part if you go to the shop...is mixing and matching flavors ;)