Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tidbits Here & There

Crazy Mom!
Yes, I'm a neurotic woman when it comes to my children, especially when I feel their safety has been threatened. They've been invited to a friend, who I trusted was a responsible person. Then later on in the evening, I find out that this friend sent my kids with her kids to Avenues during the evening rush hour with only the nannies. My nanny who didn't like the situation, called our driver and asked him to pick them up. The driver reached the Avenues saw the jam, and he couldn't reach where my kids were waiting panicked and called me. That is when I found out. Apparently my nanny wanted to do some damage control and wanted to take care of the situation without telling, knowing how crazy I get. But the driver who is used to tell me everything called me. I was incensed. I picked the phone, my friend replied and the only thing I remember was yelling at her. My friend was offended and thought it was nothing to get that upset about. Never in my life have I sent my kids alone with the nanny to a crowded place like the Avenues without supervision from me or any of my relatives! What if something happens to them? How am I going to reach them? If something happens to my kids, who should I blame? Certainly not the nanny! Yes, they go to certain places with the nanny, but not crowded places like the Avenues, and not when I have other peoples kids with me! Am I wrong to get crazy?
Can I or Not?
Now the weather is getting more beautiful every day, I find myself eating out a lot. Last week I spent every morning with one of my friends or my kids in one of the restaurants or Cafes in Marina Crescent, Souq Sharg and AlKout. Yes, it is messing my diet even when I'm trying to make smart choices in what I order. We are also working on a new line of ice cream which will be introduced in 2011 inshallah, and I'm eating a lot of it! Please no more! I tell myself, but I find myself reaching for it and eating the delicious mixes I came up with ;p The problem is I need to lose at least one dress size before I'm off on my vacation, and I have about a month to do it. How many Kgs in 1 dress size???? Can I? I really hope that I do.
New Hope
At last I met with Abdulaziz's new teacher. I did mention in a previous post the school changed the teacher for the third time! First it was a meeting for all the parents. So I only had few minutes of exchanging words with her after the meeting. The first thing she told me "I've been dreaming about meeting you!" Apparently she has been sending me word since she took over Abdulaziz's class, which has never reached me. Yes, at that moment I wanted Abdulaziz near me to strangle him. "He is not stupid. He has a devious mind. His French language and accent is perfect. He has no trouble with his French or Math. But he is in a world of his own and he has a gang!" she tells me. This is when the school principle came into the conversation and told me that he wanted a private meeting with me regarding that subject. "I know about the gang. They fight with the school bully. Did you contact his parents too?" I asked him. He was surprised. I don't blame him, the bully knows how to weasel himself out of sticky situations from the stories I've heard about him. Anyway, after this break I have a meeting with this new school principle and I have a bit of hope he can control the situation and the new teacher is ready to cooperate with me. Yay!
New Direction
I thought by the weather cooling, work would be a little bit less hectic. Yes, the initial craziness of keeping up with summer demands has slowed down a bit, but now is time for focusing on the neglected part of the business. A week ago we had a meeting with a couple of gentlemen who have pointed out certain things which needed our attention. Thus, if we complete this we might go onto our next step in our business and a new direction. I am sounding a bit cryptic, because I'm not at liberty to get into details. Besides all that, we are working on a new line which is the only exciting part of work right now.
What do you suggest needs our focus? Your suggestions might help and very much appreciated ;) (we're working on a menu)


  1. the avenues??? I would have gotten mad as wellllll!!!!

  2. 5 kilo's = one dress size
    easily can be done in two weeks :Pp
    but a moderate diet not a very strict one ;)

  3. Thank you Zaina!!! my friend still thinks I've over reacted and I'm still mad at her.

    Zabooo6a...5Kg??? *Sigh* well it isn't as easy as you make it sound :) but I'll do it inshallah :)

  4. I remember one playmate's mum did this with my kids- I thought they were with her, only to discover that she had got the driver to take them to MacD's without even telling me. How dare other women think they can do this?
    PS- when I lived n Italy we used to get 'rice pudding' gelato, I know it sounds disgusting but it was actually delish.

  5. Dailymail1...we did rice pudding for a while but it didn't move so we stopped making it.
    I know...some people just don't have any sense of responsiblity.

  6. Oh bring back the rice pudding gelato and I will be your biggest customer!! ( literally 'biggest'.....)