Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Little Fashionisto

My little Fashionisto!!
When he got back from school and took a quick shower, I heard him crying.
I check on him, and I found out that he didn't want to wear
what the nanny has picked out for him.
He wanted to choose his own clothes, because he knows what
he wants. His bulldog t-shirt, his carpenter cut jeans,
his rain boots (worn the wrong way),
and his Toy Story 3 back bag filled with
his favorite story books (it is pretty heavy) .
Then he posed for the camera!!! Can't believe he is
actually smiling! I had to beg him to smile whenever I'm snapping pics!!!
Oh!!! and his M&M fan!!! It was hot and humid that day ;p
So what do you think???


  1. loool crying in the shower because he wants to wear what he wants? How cute :D

    Allah yekhaleehom lich o yebal'3ech fehom ma3arees insha2 Allah :D

  2. Ameen inshallah Thank you sweetie :*** This little guy is very opinionated. He cried while getting dressed cause he didn't like what the nanny picked out for him ;p

  3. LOL A7medani o sowalfaaa! The little man is a decision maker ;-)