Sunday, November 21, 2010

Brunch At Napket

A long time ago…about a few days before Eid, my little men and I were at the Avenues shopping and since I left the house without my breakfast I was starving! So I decided to take my princes for brunch at Napket! As usual the staff were friendly and welcoming. To tell you the truth…any place who can tolerate my boys and their antics I give them a 6 stars service. We decided to sit out on the terrace and the weather was amazing which reminded me of a spring day in Paris. We had a great time!
Ahmed wanted a Criossant with Emmental & Tomato
Which I ended eating the rest of it ;p The fries were very yummy! and they had two kind of dips with it, Ketchup and some kind of spicy mayo.
I loved! Just Loved! the thin crust pizza with mushrooms
and cherry tomatoes
And of course no trip to Napket ends
without a frozen raspberry yogurt!
Yummy and refreshing!


  1. everytime i pass napket i dont bother going in, bes shakle baroo7 shawagteeni :P

  2. I want to go there again and agian and try other yummies on their menu ;)