Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shopping in High Heels

I was at Sultan the other day grocery shopping. I passed by this lady who looked really cool! I normally don't pay much attention to other people, but this one caught my attention. She wasn't pretty, but she had that "It" factor, which I also call the "WoW Bomb". I had to pass by her just to see what she was wearing, and I passed three times. Yes I turned into a stalker! She was wearing dark grey skinny jeans, black pirate shirt (you know the loose shirt with huge balloon sleeves), and a charcoal studded vest, black Chanel bag and grey studded pumps. I loved her pumps! And they were so high! How could she walk around in them without feeling pain? I loved what she was wearing and I was inspired! It's been awhile I haven't worn heels. The last time was during Eid. So yeah, the next time I went grocery shopping I wore high heels. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! and Ouch!!! I was in so much pain I couldn't complete my shopping! I forgot half of what I needed to buy, rushed to the cashier and paid for what I got. Lucky I wasn't driving, because as soon as I got in the car I took off my pumps, wiped the tears and as soon as I reached home, I walked from the car to door bare foot!

I need to practice more :p


  1. I'm obsessed with high heeeeeeels, to be honset I tend to trip while wearing flat shoes , afashl wallah:/
    if you want to get used to wearing high heels try wearing them around the house and never wear new shoes for an outing before breaking them..
    usually new shoes are lil' bit stiff might dig into your heels or blister you're heels so try wearing them around the house for let's say half an hour a day before so just in case u feel it's slightly scratching your feet you'd know how to handle it later..
    I usually have those heel guards the bandage ones you know, no? and have them around the heel of my foot so just in case it won't rub against my foot :/
    I hope my tips are lil bit helpful

  2. Zabooo6a... wallah since I had Ahmed I've became lazy ;p I used to wear heels all the time..bas for the past 4 years I only wear them for occaisions... yeah I need to break into heels again I'm doing these ankle exercises just to strengthen the muscles and tendons so I don't get tired or in pain fast ;)