Saturday, November 6, 2010

Flugtag - Sorry bas la 3adat!

So I read about Red Bulls Flugtag on the bloggersphere, and I think to myself "Yeah, why not?" Something new for the kids to watch and to do for the weekend. (BIG MISTAKE) So we arrive there at 12:15 pm, and Marina Crescent was packed! First thing we do is look for somewhere to sit. Nothing! All the restaurants and Cafes are crowded! My boys each run off to play with their bikes and I find a place under the shade to stand. The event was big, and I know a lot of effort was put into it, but by the time they began it was around 1:30 pm and I was having enough. The presenters were annoying, they talked too much, and Blal AlShami, although I like him, I thought him unnecessary because no one could see his group dancing. I managed to take pictures for the first team "Kuwiat Riders", then I had to put my camera away and pick up my baby so he could enjoy the show. By the time the third plane turn came I was gone.
Abdulaziz looking Snazzy in his Aviators

"Hmmm…maybe it was a mistake to come?" I don't like crowds and my boys will grow edgy. Yes, I might sound a bit obnoxious but I've encountered species I didn't know existed in Kuwait. Abdulaziz was bored and started whining, Ahmed got crancky and started crying and I wanted to strangle "alhajjia" and her family who brought their chairs in front of me placing them in a semi circle, thus occupying more space, and then putting her kids bikes creating a gate around them and annoying all those standing by. "Madri ga3da bshare3 obooich!" I argue with the family, "Shilo gweareekom! Emthaygeena w emza7meena!" "La yeboogoonhom." One of the women replied. "Shino yeboogoonhom?? Wain ga3deen??? Hathi al Kuwait! Kilmin 3ayish be5air w ne3ma! Kani 7a6a gewari 3yalli 3end alsheyara! Ma7ad jas'hom wala garab 9obhom!" OMG! I can't remember when the last time I yelled in public. "Etha 5ayfa 3alahom 7e6eehom jedamkom! Lawa3tow chabdna w thaygtoona! 7eso 3ala damkom!" I made them remove the bikes. Yes I'm nasty. But those around me were pleased. I know they were all cowards and didn't dare to speak up. So I had to do it. Ten minutes later… I left. It is the last time I go to an open event, unless it is worth it.

Bored + Tired + Hot = Cranky!
He is smiling after he had his juice...
well only for a short time :s
Bilal AlShami and his group dancing. "Kuwait Riders Team" they were the first to go

I admire those who built the planes. Bravo!


  1. Yeah... it wasn't that great. Didn't know you were going :)

  2. Wow la3abtay ib 7esbat.ha! Ma galat lich shay 3la hal zaff? lo wa7da thaniya kawliya 7eta 6ag it6egich tra...

    bs zain sawaitay fehom el nas tekhaf ma tekhtesheesh!!!

  3. Hey there.. I have been reading your blog for the last couple of hours.. and love it! I love your wittiness... your straightforwardness.. and above all the manner in which you put it all out there... thanks for the great blog!

  4. ba6alt 7alji ma asket ma a36ii majal 7agha tered. Besides... there were a lot of people around who were pissed with them. Afa 3alaich!!! ana a6eg ma an6ag ;p

    Om Lujain... WoW!! I'm honored wallah! Thanks :)

  5. I am from Kuwait Riders, and I wanna tell u that we spent a lot of time building that plane, and the engineers of the event told us its really promising one. it was detailed very well and the problem we had, when the pilot tried to sit on his chair, the chair got broken into pieces (bad luck) so we had to push it alone without the pilot, so the front weight that we measured didnt work out.
    Next time will do a better one

  6. Ramez inshallah next time you'll have better luck ;) and I hope the event will be better organized :)