Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gossip Girl

Yes I'm a late comer to the show and I'm smitten with Gossip Girl! I have become a hermit! I'd send my kids out and lock myself in my lair and watch it for hours on end. My favorite character is Chuck Bass. I just love him! My kind of guy! A snappy dresser, intelligent and full of character and very loyal to his friends and family. My least favorite is Nate. I've started on Season 3 this afternoon and already I don't like the first two episodes, I hope it will turn out to be as good as season 1 & 2. Oh! How could I be so airheaded and forget the fashion??? The Fashion! It is unbelievable! No wonder why most fashionistas are addicted to the show. And of course the Gossip!!! I'm not the type who likes to gossip… but who doesn't like to hear about a tidbit of scandal every now and then?? I have two friends who live for gossip and whenever I feel bored I call them… I don't have to talk. They do all the talking and I get to know what's going on in this country ;p quiet a refreshment to my dull life ;ppp By the way do we have a Kuwaiti Gossip Girl?

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