Wednesday, November 10, 2010


For the past week I've been craving the following
Butter Chicken…
I can go eat out or order it in…
but something always comes up to prevent me from having my Butter chicken
I might indulge this weekend inshallah…
who is in for a butter chicken and biryani?
Chicken Noodles…. For sure Thursday evening for sure who is in? ;p Chocolate cake which I will bake soon inshallah!!! Who wants some? ;)
Beach destination
A place to zone out! I just can't wait for my vacation!


  1. Ana abeeeee! I LOVE butter chicken! Wanna come in chez nous tomorrow evening? I can order it and we can have girls night in? some friends are coming too

  2. Thank you Somsom :*** Yeah sure inshllah sweetie ;)