Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sick Note

Since last Thursday both of my boys got ill with the tummy flu. It just has been crazy. The duties of taking care of them has been divided between the nanny and I. I get to watch them in the evening and she during the day. For the past four days, I hardly slept and spent most of the time in bed with them watching what Ahmed calls "Xsh O Xsh O Goship Girl" and "Fringe season 2". When Abdulaziz's fever spiked and I rushed him to the clinic he said, "Please mama don't let them take my brains out!" I had a book in my hand and was silently banging my head on it trying not laugh out loud. "Why would they take your brains out?" "Like in Fringe." I knew it's not him but the fever. So I tried to reason with him. "In all the years I've been taking you to Doctor Lutfi, has he ever operated on your brains?" "No." "So why are you worried then?" And still banging my head. They are still whining all the time and each of them want my attention. I'm exhausted and I feel like keeling over at any moment. It is just ridiculous the illnesses kids get during this season. The idea of taking a break is appealing to me so much now. I told Fahad I'm going to spend a couple of days at Hilton Mangaf by myself and treat myself to their Spa and food, while he takes care of the boys.


  1. mayshofooon shar nshallah!

    eljaw 7adda mo shay! hope they'll get better soon ya rb :* o u'll get to rest! kella bajra nshallah!

  2. Alshar ma yeech inshallah :*** Azoz is much better now..Hamada still...poor baby he is half his size now.