Monday, August 23, 2010

What I'm Watching?

Why do I like watching….
Bab Al7ara? A very fascinating drama, which is about courage, honor and love. I strongly believe that we should have something similar in Kuwaiti/Khaleeji series. Saher il Lail? It takes place during the "Age of Innocence". No computers and internet, no mobiles and BBs. Only love letters and Abdulhaleem Hafth ;) When was the last time you wrote a letter on paper? 3awza Atgawez? Hilarious! Haven't laughed as much as when I'm watching Hind Sabri's quirkiness. I've heard the series is based on a blog written by a young pharmacist. Does anyone have any idea about it? Kings (on OSN every Friday & Saturday)? Do you know the story of David and Goliath? Well this series is inspired by it which takes place in the present. A very intriguing story about Politics, conspiracies love and hope.


  1. No 3aqeed no bab il 7ara

    Last time i wrote a letter was this...

    and this is 3awza atjawez's blog :D

    Now i want the clock to go forward and for 8 PM to arrive so i could lose my self in saher el lail and it's music <3

  2. Danderma... Mo3taz ehwa al 3aqeed ;)
    Lol!!! just think how this love letter traveled from one place to the other ;p I love writing letters ;p
    Thanks for the link...

    Aziz.. I think I'm the only one in Kuwait who isn't watching Zawarat Khamees ;p

  3. You should 5alti dalal. Ana nou3i I never watch musalsalat 3arabiya lianna inarfizoon o overdramatic. Bes I love zuwarat 5amees 7atan wana fee america I'm watching it religiously.
    I'm Aziz W. btw wild amani lool ;p

  4. I know sweetie...I hope you're enjoying yourself there ;)
    I will inshallah try to catch up on it starting tomorrow :)