Monday, August 2, 2010

Food Craze!

So I passed by the Co-op and yes... it is stocked
to the brim for Ramadan!!!
Each Product I've snapped, has a fond Ramadan memory ;)
What is yours?


  1. Ooooh shakhbari chai looomy!
    for me irmuthan=tashreeeba and ilgaymat.
    And starting last irmuthan habity el yideeda eni I dip elgaymat in gaymar, ya3ni fat central.
    Btw Kha6ach elsow 3ala the accident, bil 7adeed wala eb 3yalich or the help. And the thing thats really frustrating is that that kid didn't care and didn't want to take responsibility. el7imdilla 3ala salamat'hum.

  2. wow...u have said it all with the pics :)

  3. Q8travelbud...Never tried Chai loomy ;p how does it tast like?

    Chirp...kha6ach esso...elgaimat ma3a gaymar yeedeeda 3alai but i'll give it a try ;p and if I get fat again I'll lay the blame on you ;p

    Noon...Vimtoo has become part of Ramadan tradition.. we make it but we don't drink it that much. Oh!! Yes there is Vimto Gelato don't miss it ;)

    B&D...yes the pictures say it all!!! I'm praying to God that I won't go all crazy ;p