Sunday, August 29, 2010


No…I didn't do this, I found the picture on the net (I just hope the owners don't mind me using it as an example). I'm trying to do something similar like this Maglouba today. So wish me luck ;p I had a hard time trying to explain to Fahad I want that round plate what you call it? The one where we put the rice on it?
Fahad shakes his head and gives me "Are you sure you're a Kuwaiti?" look ;p "Qancha! Qanch ya mara!" "Oooh! Yes Qancha. I want a round old fashioned Qancha for my Maglouba" ;p
I just hope he gets me one on his way home :)
And if it works out I'll post the recipe inshallah :)


  1. good luck :*
    i want to see ur result :D

  2. turned out really good. Check out the recipe tomorrow.