Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Last week I was honored to get a Ramadan greeting from Donem. Thank You so much w kil 3am w ento eb'7air. I personally don't know Mr. Ahmad Al Baghli, but I heard so much about him from my friend Mr. Mohammed Al Dubaib owner of Melenzane, who Mr. Ahmed Al Baghli has designed the extraordinary interior for them.
Now what is Donem? Donem was born in 2010 by the hands of the passionate and talented architect Mr. Ahmad Al Baghli. Where did the name come from? When Ahmad started his business with his projects of 1000 Km2, he was inspired by the number 1000. This is how he came up with the name "Donem" which means 1000 square meters in the Ottoman Empire days.
At Donem they provide creativeness and indescribable designs that exceed all of our clients expectations and where dream designs become a reality.
I've tried to get the pictures from the file they sent me, unfortunately I'm not that computer savvy :( where is my geeky brother when I need him ;p
Those of you who dined at Melenzane Restaurant, and Ladies, who did their nails at 24K Nail Spa, would have seen the artistic work of Mr. Ahmad Al Baghli designs.


You know when you day dream about your dream house? My first house I built was North African inspired. With all the arches, the colored tiles and the Zelige art work, and blown glass lighting. Never lived in it, though. Now I'm thinking about building a new house. I want it clean cut, modern with lots of large windows and natural light. I have an idea of what I wanted in my head, but not until I browsed through the little booklet in the box and I was ... "Yes! This is what I'm talking about!!!" and I pounce on my poor unsuspecting husband, terrified ten years off his life (allah ye5ali li w ye6awel eb3omrah). "Look! Look! This is how I want my house to be!" I point at one of the homes Mr. Ahmad Al Baghli designed for one of his clients. Fahad was very much impressed by the designs. I only wish I can find a way to post those pictures. I will inshallah as soon as I get them. Mr. Ahmad Al Baghil...3asa allah yewafegik w inshallah when we are ready for our new house I will certainly come to you :) Donem - Sharq- Shuhada'a St. - Building 24 - Store #4 Tel. 00965 22456352 Fax. 00965 22456354 Email: info@donem-kw.com

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