Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ramadan Calender

One of my favorite Ramadan Greetings I've received is this day to day Ramadan Calender from my friend Mimi. I adore it!!! Each day there is a verse from the Quaran, A Hadith Shareef, a short story, some wisdom, a short prayer and a thought! I just love it!!! It has become the highlight of the kids evening when I put them to bed. I read to them the whole page and to my surprise they really enjoy it!
Thank You MIMI :*****


  1. Do you know where we cant get them from ?

  2. My friend made them...but I can ask her. :)

  3. ya 7ayaty ya Dallolaaaa :****
    3alekom ib alfff 3afya ya albo ana
    you really made my day :)
    i love you and 3azizan and a7medany <3