Monday, August 30, 2010

I got it!

I don't like scales. They depress me and put me down when I'm not losing much weight. I passed by a pharmacy which sells the same kind of scale as my nutrutionist use. As soon as I reached home I got on it… Yeah… the numbers on the scale are not too encouraging from the last time I weighed at my nutritionist clinic. I gained 4Kg. However, I don't feel much depressed, at least not yet. It is less than two weeks to Eid, and I now know my dress pants will not fit me :s unless I make drastic changes. I am exercising, but it isn't doing much. I naturally bloat during Ramadan :( - Give up Vimto - Give up soup, sambosa, kuba or whatever fried appetizers there is if I'm having a heavy meal. - Give up ice cream - Give up desserts - Give up on carbs - Why not just shoot me and give up on life altogether ;p Nah! Really. I have to be serious. I don't want to end up where I used to be. Besides I have major events and lots of travel coming up in few months and have to be physically ready for them, etha allah a7yana, and I don't have to forget my bet with Fahad and one of my friends that I'll participate in a Triathlon inshallah. My friend is still teasing me about it.
42Kg? I wish! That is Abdulaziz.
The lowest weight I've been to for my 1.63 frame was 55Kg and that
was before I got married and had babies ;p


  1. I am almost as tall as u... maybe a centimeter taller... but the thinnest i have ever been is 52 Kilos -during college-

    Ama 3n shloon teth3efeen... try having only soup with 3 grilled Kubba/Sambosa and some dates for futoor followed maybe by a little 3 spoons only of a healthy main dish.

    b3dain eat kiwi pinapple for dessert o avoid the chocolate or anything that is yummy... make low fat m7lbiya as well in tiny portions.

    o for su7oor something light kilish... pinkberry is good...

    you will lose some weight in time for the Eid... Good Luck :D

  2. wallah ya Danderma... I've been watching what I'm eating..and skipping suhoor, or just have fruits instead. I feel lighter, but still there is a lot of work involved.
    As for the desserts, you said it yummy! hard to avoid but lowered the portion ;p know we have plain yogurt gelato, and we have a lactose & sugar free yogurt, good for diet. Get a half Kg of it and enjoy it with fresh fruits at your home ;)
    Good luck to you too :D