Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wainich Yuma Munera!!! Shoufee Banatich Shemsaween!

Very Sassy, Catty
& extremely Zexy!!!
If Only Yuma Munera Knew!!!
Ramadan 2010 Collection
by Hind AlFayez & Sausan AlKadi
Hind AlFayez & Sausan AlKadi are two best friends sharing the same fashion obsession. From the heart of Saudi Arabia, "Envy" by Sausan Al Kadi with the collaboration of "Overdressed" by Hind Al Fayez would like to introduce to you our Ramadhan Collection'10 "If Only Yuma Munera Knew".Mixing different textures and fabrics with one of a kind vintage embellishments pieces. Including (jalabeyas Harem pants, jumpsuits, graphical shirts and embellished tanks)


  1. Looooool I love the title u made!
    Thanks for featuring us <3

    Hind Al Fayez

  2. I've checked out your collection and loved it before you emailed me. Great work mashallah and wish you all the best!
    About the title I had to think about something catchy ;p