Saturday, August 28, 2010

For Your Dessert Table

We bring you some of the Ramadan flavors in a different way.
Ice cream Rolls! In this picture, Milk & Mistika covered with pistachio ice cream
with rosewater (the pink one)
and with orange blossom water (the green one)
There is a wide selection to choose from.
Stop by our store at Ahmed AlJaber St. Gaz Tower
Gelato Italiano
Tel. 22434434 ;)
(I took the green one, tastes like Muhalabia)


  1. Those do look delicious! I didn't realize I was this hungry until now.

  2. It is delicious :) With an Arabic flare :)

  3. 7araaaam 3alaich! until when will they b more ice cream for me this month

  4. Lol!! The rolls are available all year round ;)
    But the Ramadan flavors until Eid :)
    There is a couple of weeks left ;) enjoy it while you can :)