Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tidbits Here & There

I've been very lazy…no Super lazy! I'm hardly sleeping… I stay up until Fajer prayer and then wake up around 8 am, if I do go back to sleep, I get very cranky. By 1pm I'm walking around like a zombie, and I make plans about doing this and doing that and in the end do nothing. After fotuor…is tetne7 o tese6el in front of the TV… I walk around the house during commercials. My way of exercising and killing the guilt that is eating me from the inside because I haven't got on the treadmill since the first two days of Ramadan. I was watching a show yesterday about a spa which specializes in detoxing. Do we have this here? I really need a three day break just to detox after Ramadan ;p Are you experiencing short memory loss? I am. I can't remember one thing or the other. Is it the fasting and the overeating? Lack of exercise? Or is it something really serious and I really need to get a checkup. Food! Food! Food!!! What did I say about this Ramadan? Salad and soups? Yeah sure! The initial craziness of the first week has passed. But I'm still not stopping. With the short memory loss, I don't remember what I ate or when I ate it ;p the only thing I know is I'm bloated and can't move!!! ;p We're planning to eat out next week... but I still haven't decided where to go.
Gergai3an! I did nothing this year for gergai3an… I planned to do it. I was planning to do something with my cousin Ghanouma (allah yer7amha eb ra7meta). We were talking about it and then the next day I got the news of her passing away. I'm still in shock and mourning her loss. I dressed the boys and sent them to a party at the club, then the next day at the family home, the third day at my parents home. Tonight Abdulaziz wants to go with his friends. I'm a bit hesitant to send him out alone. He doesn’t want the nanny with him, he is growing up and gets frustrated with me when I send someone with him. I just don't know what to do. As for Ahmed I'll send him yegarge3 with his cousins.
I miss Karam. He is our driver. He has been with us for eight years. He is away this summer for his vacation and will be back by the first week of September. I trust him with my boys. He practically brought them up! And my boys mind their manners when they're out with him. I just can't wait for him to get back.

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  1. I am suffering memory loss too .... sometimes its a blessing :)