Sunday, October 9, 2011

Detox Day 11, 12, 13 & 14

The last few days of the detox diet it was Meh! I wanted it to finish, and the days seemed longer. I was also so stressed from work I was craving all sorts of foods. I even made a long list of everything I wanted to eat after this diet is done. But then all the hard work for the past two weeks would be for nothing if I indulged uncontrollably. What I craved was a yummy juicy cheese burger! I have to allow myself at least that? No?

Again. The diet I followed was made up by me, what I liked and didn't like based on the list The Diet Ninja posted on his blog. I do not advice you follow to the letter what I did, because I gave myself the minimum, because I know what I can endure. If you suffer from some kind of ailment I am not responsible, and neither is The Diet Ninja if you do not consult with him directly.

What I've lost is a good jump start to a healthier life style and diet. I even started looking at food differently. I love my lattes, but milk bloats me, so I'm going to have it as a treat when I'm out with my friends, same thing with bread, red meat, and desserts. I still have copies of diet plans saved from my nutritionist which I will start following inshallah. I want to lose 13 Kg before the end of this year. Can I do it? I just hope so.

Day 11

Breakfast : I ran out of fruits and I only had banana so I had a banana with Almond Milk smoothie.

Lunch: Lemon fish with roasted potatoes and carrots with olive oil and rosemary.

Dinner: Skipped.

 My Banana smoothie

Lemon fish with roasted potatoes and carrots,
with Lemon butter sauce.
I found a way to do it without the cream ;)
 I added almond milk instead!

Days 12, 13, 14 were repetitive of Days 23 & 4. I couldn't believe I'm done!!!
Will I do this diet again? Certainly I will, but I think it will be for seven days only just to help me when I hit a plateau.

The Diet Ninja's post "Pre-Diet Cleansing" Click Here


  1. Good lord! I've tried doing it, lasted 5 days only cuz I ran out of ideas/reciepes. Might try doing it again.. How much weight did you lose?

  2. hala i really want to know how much did you lost on this diet and also do you snack between meals. thanks and good luck

  3. Hello Mohmmed & Anonymous

    The main reason I didn't mention how much Kgs I've lost was because I viewed this diet as a cleansing diet not a weight loss diet. Whether I lost 1Kg or 5Kg it didn't make much difference. I guess this was why I've managed to survive through the 14 days. However it didn't hurt seeing the numbers decreasing on the scale.

    I exercised every morning for 30-40 minutes depending on the time I've got, on the second week I've added another 30 minutes in the evenings. I drank a lot of water. I chose to drink Ultra water because it was sodium free and helped with my water retention.

    I clocked five hours between meals. I didn't have anything between Breakfast and Lunch because they were my two main meals. Between lunch and dinner I have white tea and a handful of almonds, since my dinner was only yogurt and fruits.
    Now I'm following a low carb high protein diet. :)