Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lunch at Elevation

While detoxing the only thing on my mind was Elevation Burgers. As soon as I'm done with this cleansing diet I'll head to Elevation, I kept telling myself.

The other day Fahad and I had a meeting in Shuwaikh when were done we decided to go there for an early lunch.

When we arrived the place was practically empty. I placed an order for 2 cheese burgers and one hamburger, fries (extra crispy as Ansam suggested in one of her posts) topped with cheese. I love to have a Chocolate shake with my cheese burger, but staying sensible, I stuck to water.

The order was brought in quickly and we dove in! Oh My!!! I missed you my darling burger! I took the cheesy part of the fries, and yes Extra crispy is better than the regular one. I loved it! I didn't want it to finish and I was still feeling hungry. I wanted another one but I knew I couldn't finish all of it. Fahad said he'll take half of it so I placed another order and cut the burger in half. *sigh* it was so good!

I didn't eat anything till the next day! Maybe I'll pay them another visit next week?

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