Saturday, October 15, 2011


After reading two posts about Popcornopolis one on Ansam518 and the other on Trying To Be Fahad, I wanted to try it and at the same time treat the boys, since I’m so sick and their weekend is ruined by staying at home. I placed an order and it was delivered.

What I ordered: Peanut Butter & Chocolate – Cheddar Cheese – Chicago 50/50 - Kettle Corn – Pecan Caramel – Cinnamon Toast – Sour Cream & Onions – Chocolate Almonds – Zebra.

I opened the Chocolate Almonds. It was very very good and the kids loved it so much. We munched on it while watching Astro Kid for the millionth time! and later I had a second helping while watching Glee :) It is very yummy, fresh and crunchy!

Fahad, is old fashioned, he doesn't like flavored popcorn. We popped some regular popcorn for him.

I will post about the other flavors, later :)

The boys were so excited and jumping all around
me when it finally arrived.

Yummy and crunchy!

The down side of ordering. When I called and placed my order and asked when will it be delivered? The lady said, "As soon as possible." That was at 1.26pm. I received my order at 5.30pm, and that was after seven calls from the delivery driver, which made me so frustrated and on the verge to tell him I didn't want the order anymore! He would call and give the phone to some random Sa3eedie in the road to speak with. I called him twice and told him "Listen to my directions and you'll find our place very easily." He didn't want to listen "Ok madame, I know where it is", and half hour later I get a call and makes me talk to another Sa3eedie! The last time I spoke with him I yelled, and told him to listen because it is soo easy to find where I live! He finally did.
I didn't mind sending my driver to pick up the order, I would have got it sooner and stress free, but they wanted to deliver.

At the end it is money well spent for the Popcorn.

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