Saturday, October 15, 2011

All Natural in Bait AlSaboun

 I love natural products. I usually get my soaps from Tunis or Morocco and once my aunt got me some soaps from Tureky which were amazing!!! Well I ran out of them and needed some soaps ASAP! A while back I read on The Boudoir a post about some scrubs she got from Biat AlSaboun click here to read her post. I've been to Bait AlSaboun a couple of times with a friend of mine, but I didn't pay much attention at that time. I went again few days back to check them out and the sales lady was kind enough to explain about their natural products.

This is the Lemon Ginger scrub.
Apparently it energies the body and
helps with weightloss.
The scent was amazing, and the olive oil in the scrub
did a great job by moisturizing my skin.

 I also got this Alum Royal Formula, smiliar to Moroccan bath soap. It is suppose to unify your body's color and tightens the skin.
The sales lady said to use it twice a week,
I use it with every shower I take every day ;p

 Ladies...I'm not sure if it works but I'm planning to buy it very soon and try it out, and there is an oil to rub your problem areas with.
I'll update you when I give it a try :)

More soaps of every kind.

Scented soaps.
 I got the Oud soap but I haven't tried it yet.

Loofa Soaps. These smells delicious and you don't
need a loofa to to wash your body with it :)

I also got a chamomile body cream,
which is soothing and relaxing
and smells amazing.

You find Bait AlSaboun at the Avenues (phase 2) and Soug Sharg.

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