Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Organic Fish & Chips

The other day Fahad and I were heading back
 home from a meeting and before we reached
Jabriya, I told him I really wanted to try the
Organic Fish and Chips place.
 It was situated behind Royal Hayatt hospital,
and the place wasn't crowded at all.
We took our seats and after browsing the menu,
which I loved the simple design of it, placed our orders.
My order was 1 fish and chips with an extra veggie tampura.
Fahad had a similar order but he added shirm tampura.

 Seasoned Salts very yummy!

My Arnold Palmer

I loved the whimsical wall art.
Cute Kangaroo!

 Beside the fish and chips they sell other
organic foods and products.

 My order, 1 fish and chips with an extra veggie tampura, and it came with tartar sauce and sweet soy sauce.
I loved both sauces and the fish witht he batter was soo yummy!
As for the fries...I'm not a fries person, but these were the best fries I tried, and I loved the crispier bits.
The veggie tumpura was good too.

 Fahad had a similar order but he had shirmp tumpura
and he liked both.

 They do serve breakfast and also make pastas and pizzas. I really want to bring the boys here this weekend to let them try it.

I loved the food so much because it reminded me of my hay days when I was in the UK "Supposed" to be studying!
Every weekend my girl friends and I would hop
on the train to Brighton for Fish & Chips.
I know there were a lot of fish and chips places in London
but I don't know why we go all the way to Brighton for it! ;p

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