Monday, October 31, 2011

Books Review

I was really looking forward to read "Lover Unleashed" by J.R Ward during the break I took. I saved the book for this particular trip. I wanted to read it uninterrupted or distracted.

From the first three chapters I had a sinking feeling that the book will disappoint me. It was obvious the story was more about the unsolved issues Vishous faced in "Lover Unbound", than the main protagonists Manny and Payne. Vishous is one of my favorites, but his story was a bit disappointing at the end and I didn't like Jane his mate. However they had the biggest part in this book over shadowing Manny and Payne, and I began understanding Jane better and liking her more than I thought.

I was so looking forward to Manny's story since he was mentioned in "Lover Unbound" and was excited to learn that his love interest would be Payne, since she is a very complex and unbending and tough as nails character. Unfortunately Payne was a big letdown. I was hopping a little of shove and push between the two characters before they realized they were in love. As it turned out, Payne was doormat!

I still don't understand what went through the authors mind when she wrote the book. There was hardly enough written pages about these two characters and I felt their relationship wasn't real because there wasn't enough between them going on.

Besides all that, there was a side story of Detectives De La Cruz and DelVecchio trying to catch a serial killer, which had nothing to do with the Brotherhood or Manny and Payne, and I was wondering all the time if the author was running out of ideas???!!!

I also missed the interaction between the other colorful characters in the Brotherhood which I only had a glimpse of by the end of the book.

Don't get me wrong. I love J.R Ward and her style of writing. I'm still one of her faithful readers, and I would still recommend her books to anyone who is interested in this genre but this book in the series was a bit of a downer to me.

Now, I've read on several blogs her next book "Lover Reborn" will be the story of Tohr, and I wonder, Is Tohr ready to fall in love after the death of his mate Wellsie? Will we see more action between the Brotherhood and the Bloodletter's Bastards? Will there be some action with the Lessening Society? So many things I missed in this book I hope to find them in the next book.

No I'm not yet done with Lisa Kleypas's books. I still have few more which I'm saving for future vacations.

During this break I also brought with me "Married By Morning" the Hathaway series. It was Leo Hathaway and Catharine Marks, his younger sisters paid companion, story. It was the last book in the series, although not in order for me to read.

As usual I wasn't disappointed and I'm not going to say much about the book to not spoil it for other readers who might be interested. I loved both protagonists; they were strong and witty and knew what they wanted. I loved the witty dialogue, the bantering and the teasing between them. I also enjoyed the other Hathaway members who had their fair share in the book yet not overpowering the main characters.

The romance between Leo and Cat has been building in the last two books, they jump right into their attraction for one another from the beginning of the book and I didn't feel it was false because of the build up between them. You really need to read the previous two books to understand what I'm trying to say. Early on in the book we get to know Cat's secret and the issues she was struggling with. It did come to me as a surprise when she decided to go to her half-brother, whom she was a bit cold with in the previous book, and who happens to be Leo's brother in law, for his support and advice on what to do with the threat she was facing. The ending came to me as a surprise. Yes. there is a lot of kidnapping in Lisa's books, but I thought Cat would be abducted by the villain and not a member of her family.

I will say no more!

In the end, like every time I finish reading a Lisa Kleypas's book, I wish I can write like her. Maybe I'll write a Kuwaiti romance ;p

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