Monday, October 10, 2011


Ahmed is one of those little kids who tell you in detail how he passed his day in school and what he did in class. (yebared algalb!)
"Madame J. est toujours fachee." So I know his teacher yells a lot.
One day he came back looking sullen and I knew something happened in school.
"What's wrong?"
"Je n'aime pas les puzzles!" He pout and you know how Ahmed pout if you follow my blog and seen pics of him.
"Puzzles are easy."
"I don't want to!"
Ok…no sense in persisting with him until I speak with his teacher. Then next day he came back in a better humor.
"J'ai fait un puzzle avec Reine."
"Bravo!" So I guessed his teacher has put him with one of his classmates to encourage him. The next day when I went to pick him up and talked with his teacher, it was as I suspected. Although a very bright child, he wasn't confident enough to do the puzzle by himself. The teacher suggested I get him a couple of puzzles to practice on at home and boost his confidence.

Of course when I do something for my kids, I go to the extreme. We headed to Early Learning Center and found few puzzles there. I also found cute toys which enhance your child's imagination.  I love ELC.

 Then I went to Fantasy World just to check what they had. I found a cardboard book with erasable surface for Ahmed to practice his letters and numbers.

Now, every day while Abdulaziz is sitting on one end doing his homework, Ahmed is on the other end practicing on his puzzles and writing the letters of his name.

 I got this scketch book for Abdulaziz
who loves to draw cartoons.

 I found this for little fashionstas! Cute!

 The boys should learn the family business...don't you think? :p

Remeber those stickers? My sister
and I used to collect them
 and trade them with our friends :)

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