Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer is Here!

So summer is here! What to do with two energetic boys? There so many summer camps offers and such, on news papers and social media. But none of them offers what I feel is necessary for my boys.

I want a boot camp! With retired military men shouting orders and wearing the boys down with drills! (Lol! I bet you're thinking what kind of a mom I am. Believe me one week with Abdulaziz (may God protect him) and you'll know how I feel).

I have a whole program outlined for him, I just have few loose strings to take care of. Ahmed will head to Little Gym inshallah. I hope he'll enjoy it l'6bana!

Like every summer I order books and cartoons for them. I ordered from Amazon France some reading comprehension with work books, they have interesting stories which covers several subjects, Like Middle Ages, which Abdulaziz learned about this year, Mythology, which might be covered next year and other fairy tales. I love these books, because of the work books which come with them. I also ordered books to prepare him for next year. Story books for Ahmed, and Cartoons.

I love those books. Not only they have interesting stories,
they come with work books.

 Ahmed's favorite cartoon.
So I ordered for him new DVDs and story books. He was so happy and overwhelmed when they arrived he started crying!

Books for both boys to work on during the 

Tom Sawyer, a classic which I remembered watching when I was a kid. Actually I've learned my French by watching these cartoons. Abdulaziz is in love with it.
 "Mama, Tom Sawyer is like me. He is always getting
in trouble" he tells me.

Oh…oh!!! Did I make a mistake by ordering Tom Sawyer?

So cute! The treasure box of Barbapapa had a little
stuffed toy in it.


  1. yaaaaay wallah 3afya 3alech! im planning to do this with my kid when i hv one nshallah :D

  2. Inshallah 7abeebti :*** I'm doing all of this oo yallah yebayen! Unfortunately the French School here sucks!