Friday, May 20, 2011

Gelato's New Flavors

For the past five weeks we've been introducing a new
flavor or product every weekend. We started with Cheese Cake, then Panacotta,
Bonbons in Rose, Jasmine and white pistachio covered in white chocolate, after that Popcorn and this weekend Bubble Gum! Of course there are more to come! Lots of yummy surprises made with great love for your pleasure!
Bubble Gum Gelato
Popcorn Gelato!
After breakfast I took the boys to try the Bubble Gum! ...You think they liked it? Abdulaziz loving his Bubble Gum flavor.

The Gelato Italiano Little Men!

Gelato Italiano

Sharg, Ahmed AlJaber St.

Gaz Tower

Tel. 22434434

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  1. I'm interested in the nutritional factors related to your ice creams
    How many Calories are in a scoope ??

  2. Anon..for the moment we do not have this info.

  3. Kel Mara a7awel I park ma alga parking agool I'll come later. :/ abyyyy bubble gum

  4. 3ad et9adgeen there were hardly any cars when we went there around 10ish ;)

  5. I went on Friday noonish to get gelato 7ag yam3at our family, and they loved it.

  6. ur kidss r so cuuuute alah y7afithhum!

  7. Chirp 3alaikom bil3afia ;) Hope you visit us more ;)

    the boudoir....Thank you so much :*** ameen.

  8. hii .. check this out plz .. thx :)