Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Movie Review - The Kingdom of Solomon the Prophet (PBUH)

Last night I couldn't sleep. I'm not sure why? Maybe because I'm a year older now ;p So I decided to check the DVD pile I have. It's been a while I have sat and watched a movie. The Kingdom Of Solomon the Prophet (PBUH) got my attention. It is an Iranian production and let me say...Amazing!!! It is a great Movie, although the copy had wasn't as clear as I've liked, and since I'm not that great in Arabic the subtitles were a bit distracting. I had to pause every now and then to read them. Inshallah I'll get an original copy.
I highly recommend it.


  1. mar7baaa shakl movie 7ada 3ajeeeb men wain a5thtay copy a79laa 3nd kumar :S abiii subtitle 3arabi

  2. Hello... ee wallah alfilm wayed 7ilw w fee Arabic subtitle. Yes...I guess you'll find it with kumar ;p I got mine from Pankash my DVD dealer ;pp Hope you'll like it :)

  3. So many mistakes in the story!!
    Who is responsible for such a fary tale.. Such a weak representation.
    Solomon says not all of "Djinn" are dirty little slaves, but the devils there is a big difference
    Flzing with a airship!
    Ugly women
    small men
    army of 20
    Dress like punks
    Weapons like kitchen supply..