Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shake Shack - Dubai

While in Dubai… I had to try the Shake Shack in Emirates Mall. I know it is opening soon at the Avenues which is to me inconvenient since I don't go to the Avenues unless I had to. I was held up at one of the shops and my sister went ahead and ordered for us. The place was very crowded and there was a long line. They gave her a beeper, so they can call her when the order is ready. When I arrived the order was ready for pick up. It was sooo delicious!
Shake Shack at the Emirates Mall...
I don't recall this burgers name but it had a portbello mushroom
stuffed with cheese which I removed...
I liked my burger better
without it ;)
Our order... Shack burger and fries with cheese.. I loved the Shack did Fahad, my sister and the kids.
She order some shakes which none of us really touched.
They were just too heavy. Shack Shock shake the chocolate one and some
Vanilla PB shake. I'd have them as a mid day snack but not with
my dinner. All in all it was very delicious.


  1. Om AlZain ya Zaina :) I can't wait for it to open here and I hope it will be as good :)

    LadyB yes... gotta try it and throw whatever diet to the wind ;p