Monday, May 2, 2011

Diet Update - April

OoooK! So there were few ups and downs during April. My main focus was to get up every morning and exercise on the treadmill, which I did. I watched what I ate, except I couldn't resist desserts and chocolates. Not to forget about the yummy Gelato new flavors I had to sample. I didn't lose that much weight, nothing significant. Inspired by Rita Wilsons article which I posted previously, I know I have a slow metabolism. It takes it time until it revs up and start to burn calories and fat. I'm planning this month to make time to exercise at least two times a day, depending on my schedule. We'll see how this will go. Inshallah and I hope beyond that I'll be able to ease a little bit away from sweets and chocolates. It's like following a 12 steps program, except I'm addicted to food and laziness ;p

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