Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Mac&Cheese Bug!

Yes... Yes... Yes... I've been bitten by the Mac&Cheese bug
On the night Ansam tweeted she has the Mac & Cheese craving
Thank God I've already had my dinner.
Then Denderma tweeted a pic.
After her Swera...and everyone is tweeting about it.
To save my diet... I signed off twitter for the evening ;p
Still the next morning I can't stop thinking
about Mac&Cheese, and the next day
and the day after...until last Friday, my free day ;p
But staying true to my diet, I bought low fat ingredients, and
for lunch, Friday Pasta, I made Lowfat Mac&Cheese.
I followed Ansams recipe and it was easy and devine, even
the kids loved it!



  1. Chinna yabeeela dinner today as well :P

  2. Lol!!! It was really good ;p

  3. it's addictive mooo! ay rejim welli e3afeech, bel3afia :*

  4. Swera...It was yummy but to feel less guilty I used low fat alternitives ;p Alla ye3afeech :*