Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How Do You Like Your Waraq 3inab?

Elegant ways to serve your Waraq 3inab
(stuffed vine leaves)

How do you like your vine leaves?
With olive oil or Sbar?

I like to have my waraq 3inab with minted yogurt.  

Hmmm...a very different way to serve waraq 3inab


  1. Mmm I love my mama's waraq 3nab... o ma aakel waraq 3enab ella in our house. Ma a7ebah min barra el beit etloo3 chabdi madry laish lo wain kan...

    I love it 7ameth, 6oweel, thin mo wayed stuffed, o with olive oil o potatoes on the side.

    my aunt itgool she eats hers with yoghurt too! Shloon you eat it with yoghurt you dip it?

  2. Yes! actually it was my Lebanese friend who made me try the yogurt with vine leaves the first time and I was hooked from the start. I like mine filled with stuffing, whether made with olive oil or that sweet and sour sbar ;)

  3. For some reason I like it when my warag 3inab is ma3foos :P
    I always look for the ones that are smushed :P
    I prefer the ones in olive oil, a7la :D

  4. R.Alsharif!!! Waraq 3inab in any form is a Big Yum! ;) I'm craving it now at 8am! ;p