Monday, May 16, 2011

Play With My Hair

I was getting bored with my hair color. I went to this lady who I've see coloring hair for a while when I went to my usual hairdresser and asked her if she can give me this drak caramelish brown hair color. I even showed her pictures of what I had in mind and emphasized that I do not like red! Well it is clear I ended up with a redish brown hair. Hated it!! Not only that, whatever color products she used on me were too harsh for my sensitive scalp. It isn't the first time I use color. I usually use the ones bought at the supermarket and have the girls at the Salon apply it to my roots. Why the heck did I go to this woman and turned my dark brown hair into red I do not know! Anyway, I gave my hair a rest because the chemicals in the color was too harsh and my scalp got irritated and had to go to the doc. The color was fading and becoming sickening. I can't look at myself in the mirror, and it made my skin look dull, to make matters worse I went and bought a darker shade of color from the supermarket. My hair had two shades of color d by then, dark brown and redish brown. I've read so much reviews about Toni & Guy, and heard my sister and cousins talking about it. So I decided to give them a try. Ansam recommended Emma for color and Allison for blow dry and the next day I went to see her. I told Emma what I wanted and she took a small sample from my hair just to test it and see if I'll get the shade I wanted and took an early appointment for the next day. Of course Emma had to strip the redish color, and then reapply a new color. The products were amazing, I didn't feel the slightest itch or burn on my scalp. The result was a gorgeous cool brownish caramel and no hint of red! I did a hair treatment which I really love, leaving my hair supple and smooth. She gave me a shampoo and conditioner. Honestly I was skeptical about it, fearing it would irritate my scalp, but it is an amazing shampoo giving me the same result as if I treated my hair and did it at the salon, and it smells fresh! But hey! Do you think I've learn my lesson? Noooo…. So we have a family event and needed to do my hair and makeup. A friend of mine recommends a place where they specialize in these stuff. I take an appointment and tell them what I wanted. When I reached there, my hair was clean and washed, but the stylist insisted I should wash it again. While washing my hair I felt a slight burn to my scalp but didn't give it a thought. She blow dried my hair and used those old fashioned irons on a small fire stove. I asked why she is using it, they were too hot for the hair. She said they give a better results than the electric ones. I didn't argue. My hair and make turned out to be great. But the next morning was a nightmare! I wake up the next morning. My scalp was burning me! I knew there was something wrong. I got dressed and headed to my doc. It was really early, she barely had her coffee. I told her about everything and it seemed the shampoo they used on me at that salon caused an allergic reaction. She gave me some meds and shampoo to use for a week. When I got back home I washed my hair and noticed that not only this stylist used a shampoo which caused an allergic reaction but also stripped my hair color! It looked orange! My cool caramel brown is gone! Oh not only that. The lower part of my hair close to the nape of my neck was all burned from the primitive way she used the irons. Yes! Burned! I had to snip them off. I was so pissed. I called them and told them what had happened and that they should check the expiration of their shampoos! Or use better quality. Anyway I gave my scalp a couple more weeks until I felt it much much better and went back to Toni & Guy. I didn't realize how awful my hair was until I retouched the roots and colored it all over again the same shade I had the first time. After that, I did the orange blossom treatment which I adore. I love the scent of my hair after the treatment. Allison who trimmed and blow dried my hair gave me a cream to protect my strands from blow drying which I love and it smelled like the pink Agent Provocateur perfume. Four weeks now my hair still feels great and looks great. Lesson learned, stick to the people I know I can trust with their professionalism and take my shampoo and hair cream with me if I went to a different place. I just can't stop playing with my hair! ;p


  1. Weeeeeee

    El thaher the 2nd stylist mixed up the shampoo with the thing they use in the sink to die the hair

    or maybe she didn't like your hair color galat afat7ah shwaya :p

    7esby Allah 3leeha!!! Ma re7telaha 3ogob?

  2. No I didn't go... I called them and yelled not only because of the hair color but because she burned my hair! The lower part was all burned!

  3. That's scary, I wanna color my hair soon but i'm very hesitant I never colored it before in my life :/

  4. 3ad kil shay wala your hair! If i were you i probably would have strangled her! bes il7amdillah ina you got it fixed! :D

  5. LadyB...Toni & Guy are great and very professional... I love the products they use.

    r.alsharif... 7amedillah all turned out ok.