Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Short Break

So I am back from an impromptu trip to Dubai. My sister had some business to conduct there and asked me to join her. Soon our numbers increased. Of course I can't go anywhere without Fahad and the boys. Besides we took it as an opportunity to celebrate Abdulaziz's birthday. We stayed at Atlantis resort. It was nice and very crowded. Still I feel I like Oman's Bar AlJissa Shangri-La's better for zoning out and relaxing. Abdulaziz's gift from his aunt was to spend the morning with the dolphins. We had a great time. During the day we spent our time at the pool or the beach, and the evenings we went to the malls. There wasn't much to shop for…maybe because I wasn't in a shopping mode or maybe I couldn't find anything which had the WOW factor for me, but my eyes did glaze and every thought of going from shop to shop evaporated when I found Borders. My sister shook her head and rolled her eyes. "Are you sure you're my sister?" she asks and walks into one of the stores. It was an exhausting trip but nevertheless entertaining. I don't know what I would done without my sis. the boys drove me gaga! I would have ended having a nervous breakdown ;p
I managed to snap pictures here and there
when I wasn't distracted out of my wits!


  1. pleaaase say u took the boys to kidzania!!!!

  2. Unfortunately no...our main purpose is my sisters work... and the boys wanted the pool and beach by the time we were out we were too exhausted to do anything. Inshallah next time :)

  3. Sounds like a great trip! Hope you had fun :)