Monday, September 5, 2011

My Visit to F2o Designs Shop

Lailat al Eid (on the eve of Eid), I took the boys to visit the newly opened F2o shop in Burj Jassem. I needed some cool T-shirts for them, but not any T-shirts, cool T-shirts which
I know I'll only find at F2o!

First, what is F2o?

F2o is a Kuwaiti based business started by cartoonist Fatma Fawzi AlOthman (adorable lady). It provides for its clients original cartoon illustrations, ready made T-shirts and accessories, cartoon Logos and mascots, and custom cartoon illustrations.

Fatima recounted to me how she started, from her love of coloring as a child, and the encouragement of her parents in this craft, to the business which she started from this wonderful obsession. I applaud and admire her for it! This is a great example of what is ambition, commitment and following your dream is. Mashallah!!

What I love about F2o is it has this traditional Kuwaiti feel to it. I first bought them through and posted
about them previously Here!
Now there is a shop where I can browse as much
as I like and try on the t-shirts.

So yes… lailat al Eid I took my two little scamps and we headed to Burj Jassem. The shop was so delightful! Everywhere I look there were illustrations and posters, and collectibles from the artist life.

Honestly, I couldn't take in everything that day. Abdulaziz and Ahmed decided to act up when we were there and fooling around. I was too worried they'd break something. I really need a second visit soon, and alone.

I wish her all the best of luck and success! And I highly recommend you stop by the shop.

 Ahmed modeling the T-shirt he liked.

Fatimas accordion :)
and she is a pianist too :)

Abdulaziz making one of his funny faces wearing
a "Ya waili waila Ya zeeni zeena" T-shirt :)

 A painting, painted by Fatima :)

 Abdulaziz's T-shirt

 Abdulaziz and Ahmed fooling around in the
fitting room :) Notice the little bubble message
at the top :)

 Art supplies.

 Hehehe...who remembers this phone?

 Ahmed insisted to pose with this little Vaspa ;p

 I love those tumblers. I got two of them,
one for me and the other for Fahad.

Facebook Page F2o
F2o Shop is at Burj Jassem M1
Tel. +965 997866522


  1. I should give them a visit when I go back , their products look quite interesting and funny in the same time . it's nice to be unique when you walk

  2. Inshallah once you're back you should pass by! They are very original :)

  3. god bless them sooo cute ... i loved the shop speically seeing fatima servring the cutomers was super amazing ... really im so proud of her