Monday, September 26, 2011

Detox Day 1

I've been feeling very fatigued, out of energy and icky. I know it is because of my diet, since Ramadan ended (which BTW during that month I really watched what I was eating and lost 3Kg.) I went on a rampage on food. I spent almost every single day eating out, most of the time lunch, but still restaurant food is really heavy and some not good to have every other day :s

Besides I wasn't happy with myself. I was bloated, the weight which I worked so hard to lose about a year ago was crawling back slowly, and if I don't watch myself, I'll be back and maybe more to my heaviest weight.

Reading a post by The Diet Ninja, click here to read his post, inspired me to go on a detox for a couple of weeks to jump start my weight loss, and help with the water retention which is killing me! Every attempt I did of detoxing failed in the past because it was brutal. I remember once I only lasted half a day. The do's and don’ts, Fahad wrote about are very simple, I just have to use my imagination and my culinary skills. I just hope I'm on the right track ;p

Simple rules I've put for myself:
- Lots of water. (I'm drinking about 2 liter a day)
- 5 hours between every meal ( 3 meals)
- Drink herbal teas between meals (white tea, green tea, my favorite mix of sage and thyme)
- Exercise 30-40 min every day.
- Wake up early (which I already do) and sleep early (which I normally don’t but been turning early these past two days)

Day 1

Breakfast: Almond milk sweetened by stevia and 1 organic egg omelet with a mix of peppers and spices.

Lunch: White fish fillet marinated in seasoning, mushrooms and sweet potato mashed in yogurt.

Dinner: A bowl of chopped papaya with pineapple with a 3 Tbs Yogurt.

My omlete, I used loSalt, black pepper,
 paprika and tumeric.
Almond Milk, tolerable, added a bit
of stevia to sweeten it.
 Spiced white fish fillet, which will
 be what I'm eating for the next two weeks.
Mushrooms, mashed sweet potato mashed with yogurt,
 garnished wiht herbs and peprika.

My dinner, it looks big but it isn't, 2 slices of pineapples,
2 slices of papaya, and 3 Tbs yogurt.

Early morning Fahad comes from the factory bring with him a sample of new flavor we were working on. I started crying! Please don't sabotage my first day! I refused to try it. Yaaay!

Midmorning I started craving something sweet, specifically chocolate chip cookies. After I had my lunch again I craved some chocolates which I always have after this meal.

During the day I felt listless and a bit cranky, and Abdulaziz didn't help much he drove me crazy while helping him with his homework. I didn't feel that hungry as much as I craved something sweet which drove me a bit crazy

So is it approved?


  1. Thanx for this great post , how long should i go on this diet and how much wight can i lose ?
    And keep up the good work 

  2. Your most welcome :) Glad if it has helped. If you click on the link in the third paragraph you can check out Fahad's post about detoxing.
    This diet isn't about how much you lose more than cleaning up your system to jump start you to healthier life style :) Losing weight depends on your metabolism and how much you consume, and wether or not you're exercising :)
    Good Luck!