Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Keira Knightley in Valentino

 I saw the pics on ICYDK...
and fell in love with this Valentino dress!!!

 She usually looks so gaunt, but it seems she has
 gain a little bit of weight which looks good on her.
Very beautiful!

 Very Princessy!
 My kind of gown!!!


  1. Eldress 7eloo bs walla ehe ele em7aliya el dress zyada <3 I remember her aubergine Carolina Herera number in the oscars a few years back kan bey6eer 3leha masha2 Allah...

    She's my kind of beauty! William ma shaf.ha gabel la yakheth el sheefa morta? London matroosa 7elwat chithee!!!!

  2. Simply Beautiful! Valentino *sigh*

  3. LOVE! the new keira maybe?, dont love the hair though.

  4. LOl!!! Danderma! wallah kesarat 5a6ri Katy! ;p

    May...Very True *sigh*

    FashionateFix... Yes, I agree the hair is matronly ;)

  5. eh wallah 9ajeh danderma .. lakn ma8yoola el 7a'6 7a8 .... !!! wla a7een a7ad yhed hal 7ilwa w ytzawaj katy :P