Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Death By Rangeena!

The other evening Ansam posted pictures of Rangeena prepared by her father on Twitter. I asked her to save me some ;p  and I was lucky to receive a plate the next day :D

Can I say "Death By Rangeena"? This is what I thought when I started eating nonstop the Rangeena Baba Issa made!

Just let me tell you… it was so good!!!
It was…. PURE MURDER!!!

Honestly I couldn't move after I ate some, and saved it for the next day and the day after! Nope! I only shared one piece with Fahad and another with Abdulaziz, and kept the rest to myself :)

Teslam Eeed ili Sawaha!!! Teslam Eedik Baba Issa!!! W 3asa allah ya7efthek w ye 6awel eb3omerk!

Ansam's post about her Dad's Rangeena : Here :)


  1. Ohhhh! I will show him your post! He will be happy :D Thanks dear :**** o 3alaich bel3afiaaa :D

  2. Ansam allah ye3afeech!! It was sooo good! and Thank you soo much! :*** And Thank you Baba Essa! Plz can you share the recipe ;)

    Lady B allah ye3afeech :***

  3. omg! it looks so good!!! xx


  4. It was sooo good!!! Welcome to my blog Hessa! Ya 7ay allah min zarna :)

  5. الغالية أم عبدالعزيز
    عليكم بالف عافية والمرة القادمة حياكم البيت عندنا تاكلونها حار بحار

  6. بعد عمري ما قصرت و عسى عمرك طويل و تسلم هالايادي وانشالله ازوركم عن قريب :)