Monday, September 5, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 5: Someone I Love

Someone I love....ba3ad yabeela??? ;p
Bu3azoz w bas!
(if he only knew I posted his pic)
This is a picture I took of an old picture when
Fahad was a baby ;p


  1. ambee, mashalaah, one of your boys copy paste oboo mashalah la ilah ila allah

  2. mashallaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! 9aja justnoon copy 3yalich i think aziz looks more like him:p

  3. Hehehehe...Noon you're right...Ahmed is a copy paste his father except for the eyes, he has my eyes ;)

    Thank you Sugar...Azoz looks more like me ;p

  4. Ahmedani = Bu3azoz
    3azoz = Um3azoz... bes you are the winner cuz even Ahmedani fih minnich!

    Anyways... 3alaich wela 3ala Bu3azoz kella 7ilween mashallah :D Allah ya7fethkum ya rab!