Sunday, September 18, 2011

Books Review: These Old Shades & Devil's Cub

My copy of the Devil's Cub is a limited edition.
They printed only 300 copies of it, as you'll see in the picture
below. They recently reprinted the book in 2009 which you'll
find available at :) 

I've been rereading a couple of the older books I've got on my shelf. Both books are by Georgette Heyer.

"These Old Shades" Is one of Ms. Heyer's best books and one of my favorite. It is a fast paced with a character driven plot, colorful strong secondary characters and a very witty humorous dialogue. I highly recommend it.

Society believes the worst of Justain Alistair, the Duke of Avon, who is clearly proud of his sobriquet, 'Satanas'. It is he who buys Leon body and soul from a scoundrel in a Paris backstreet. The redheaded urchin has strangely familiar looks, and should play a fine part in Justain's long overdue schemes to avenge himself on the Comte de St. Vire – until, that is, Leon becomes the ravishing beauty Leonie…

The second book "The Devil's Cub" is a sequel to the first book, also a very entertaining read and it is the story of Justain and Leonie hot tempered son, Dominique. It is filled with abduction, adventure and romance. A very funny & witty dialogue. Again I highly recommend this book as a conclusion to the Alistair Saga.

The Marquis of Vidal is a bad lot a rake and seducer, reckless, heedless, and possessed of a murderous temper. He is known by friend and foe alike as the "Devil's Cub." Yet as the handsome and wealthy heir to a Dukedom, he is considered a good prospect on the marriage market. Vidal currently has his eye on the young, lovely, and unintelligent Sophia Challoner, and Sophia's greedy mother is more than happy to encourage his dubious attentions. The colorful and eccentric characters fall over each other's plots, get involved in very peculiar coincidences, engage in colorful derring-do, and generally make life difficult for each other.

 This is a print inside the book.

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