Sunday, September 4, 2011


I have a lot of posts to make. Unfortunately, the boys are starting school on Tuesday and I haven't prepared anything for them. (Oh!!! Yes!!! The nightmare is beginning!!! God Help Me!)  I'm rushing around like crazy to buy them school uniforms. Abdulaziz has reached that size where you can't find it in the childrens section and I'm in denial to go over the adult section to find him what he needs :s Yes! My baby is growing fast! (Allah ya7fetha!)
So inshallah as soon as I get organized (I don't know what's wrong with me this year) I will inshallah start catching up on posts!
So stay tuned!!! :)


  1. allah ya7feth'hom o y5alehom lech nshallah :) o allah y3eenech 3la el schools :P

  2. Eeee wallah Swera I'm not looking forward to school this year :s Thank you hon. :* Allah Kareem.

    Imagination...Allah yesalmik w ye5aleek :) allah kareem inshallah w yesahel 3alaina hal sena :)